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A Christmas Carol

If the 3 Spirits (your past, present, and future) came to visit you, what would they show you? Where would they take you? 

Directions: Create a puppet show presentation to present to an audience keeping in mind the prompt above (see rubric attachment below).
First, decide on a Theme/Lesson you want your audience/reader to understand: _____________________________

Second, create a plot line for your story (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution) to your story

Next, create a script to show your choice of scenes, stage directions, and important dialogue (example was given in class): You must include a Cast of Characters, a Prologue, Bolded: character names for dialogue, stage directions in parenthesis and italicized, divisions in scenes by change in setting (time and/or location).

Finally, create puppets, collect necessary props, or staging necessities, and rehearse for your presentation (see examples in photo above-these are "Meeting" the standards).  Presentations will take place on Monday, December 16th and Tuesday, December 17th!

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