7 Billion Article Response

posted Feb 27, 2012, 7:50 PM by Unknown user
In this article, Mr. Engelmen talks about how the world’s population is starting to become a problem. He says that the United Nation estimates that the world will reach a population of 7 billion people by October of 2011 (already passed). In the past decade, the Earth’s population has increased by more than 1 billion people. He explains how even though people think it wouldn’t be a problem as long as we have the natural resources, it affects everything and everybody, because humans are greedy. The more we get, the more we want and we end up wasting many of resources just to be “comfortable.” His solution to the fast-growing population is to let women decide if and when they want to give birth. According to this article, two out of five women giving birth did not choose to go through with it, but were forced to. His plan is to have women have control over what they do. If that happens, our population will come to stabilization.

The evidence that was supporting this article was not the greatest. For example, he states, “UN demographers are now projecting anywhere between 6.2 billion and 15.8 billion people at the end of the century.” This evidence isn’t exactly helpful, because of the wide number range. Another example is that most of his evidence came from the United Nation. He didn’t have many different resources, so there was a good possibility that the evidence was biased. The call to action in this article was that women need to take control of their births. He never addresses the men to not be so controlling, though. In many countries that have population problems, the men discriminate the women and the women have no chance to stand up for themselves. If he is going to address anybody, it should be the men. The author himself isn’t a scientist, so his credibility should be lessened for that reason. He did not go out there and conduct the research and observe the problems in first-person. Even though all of this criticizes his article, he did have a well-balanced approach from his facts to opinions. All in all, I agree with the opinions that he has, but I feel like his call to action needed to address the men more than the women.