“Sustainability is larger than one person, one company, or one country. Its scope, scale, and importance demand unprecedented and swift solutions to environmental protection and other complex problems.”-Julie Ann Wrigley

    Welcome to Kayla Pabon's Sustainability Portfolio.  Here you will be informed of the current assignments, presentations, blog posts, and other sustainability activities that she will develop throughout her experience in the CREST Sustainability program, now that she is a sophomore at Paradise Valley High School. Feel free to look around and leave comments and learn about CREST and what Sustainability is. You may contact Kayla at kpabon@pvlearners.net or at kaylaalycia@yahoo.com

What is Sustainability?
    Sustainability is a method of critical thinking and applying specific concepts to everyday dilemmas. Being able to think "sustainably" is having a different mind set in the way you think and act and speak.
Sophomore Year:
    Sustainability is a method of thinking and applying certain concepts towards every day situations. Thinking "sustainable" means that you rationalize and realize all the possible consequences that could arise from a certain situation. Sustainability has to do with the environment, but it incorporates social and economical aspects into it as well. Sustainability makes sure that the worlds needs are met in a way where they do not impact the environment, economy, or equity of the people in a negative way. To me sustainability, if done right, has the potential to keep a stable balance in the world, a balance that needs to be obtained in order to strengthen our world for today and for the generations to come.
Freshman Year:
Sustainability has many definitions and means something different to everyone, in my eyes Sustainability is the way industries and cities can break down reuse things over and over again in an endless cycle. Linking a problem to a solution and how we as humans can create a path to bring back