This is the website of CREST sustainability coarse student Jeremiah Sweeney. Here can be found all of his works, projects, and thoughts on the subject of sustainability. The study of sustainability is the study of how to ensure the human race can remain alive and thriving on the giant flying rock called Earth, without compromising our currently developed style of life. All of the “save the (fill in the blank)” stuff is important, but it is only one third of the picture. To achieve the above goal, we must be sure that a decision to be made is good for the environment, the economy, and fair for the people.
    The navigation has been updated, now each course is listed above, each with a drop-down with assignments, semester project, and presentations.The current course will always be the furthest to the right, in this case, the Internship. As always the blog is in the same place, entitled "Musings on the Subject, a blog." Jeremiah may be contacted at the email jsweeney1@pvlearners.net. Comments and questions are encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for visiting and enjoy! 
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