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 Desert Shadows Middle School Science
 Wish List - Supplies
Donated items are greatly appreciated.

M& M's for Astro Bingo on 5/2
Clorox Wipes
Rolls of Tape for tape dispensers 
(we are completely out)

Welcome to Desert Shadows Middle School 7th Grade Science

Tuesday 5/6/2014
You will be given the password to access on test day.

Geyser Lab 2014 Video

Geyser Lab 2014

Portable Planetarium is coming to DSM
Friday April 4th

Make sure that your lab notebook is up to date. 
This will be checked 2-3 times per quarter and is a large part of your grade. 

Spooky Science Day
Wed. 10/30/13 and Thurs. 10/31/13



Sqworl- Science Games
Visit this collection of websites to research, enhance learning, 
and play games related to areas of study,
Click on the Snake  to be linked to my Sqwarl Games collection 

Sqworl- Current Event and Student Resources
Visit this collection of websites to learn about Science and Technology in the news 
and web tools to help students with graphing, presentations, animation, and brainstorming.
Click on the Skeleton  to be linked to my Sqwarl Resources Collection

 To view or print the class agenda, and homework:
-Select the class tab on the left (7th or 7th Gifted Science).
-Then read the instructions above the calendar.

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What are we going to learn in 7th Grade Science?
We will explore scientific history, the scientific method,
and issues that impact our changing world. 
Natural Disasters, technological advancements, medical breakthroughs, 
new biological discoveries and much more. 
Topics of study will include, volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, fossils, 
plate tectonics, 
ecology, and space exploration. 

Science Classroom Supplies 

Composition Notebook   
(College Ruled 9 3/4" x 7 1/2")
Pencils, erasable pens *blue or black ink
Red grading pens
Scotch Tape
Colored pencils 
Loose leaf paper
Folder with pockets (labeled Science) 
DSMS planner (also called Agenda)
Skinny black dry erase marker
Post it Notes - standard sized
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