Welcome to the Horizon Spiritline Webpage 2018-2019

Welcome Horizon Spiritline 2018-2019

Home of the 2018 USA National Pom Champions!!!

This website is where you will find all the info you need for the Spiritline season!

Request an Absence:


Booster Club Meeting Dates, Times and Locations

Open to any Spiritline parents that would like to attend

Payments Due:

Mail to: Heather Sloan

729 E. Irma Ln.

Phoenix AZ 85024

2018-2019 Competition Dates

These dates are subject to change without notice.  Dates may be added or deleted as Competitions change dates, times and locations without notice.

AIA STATE Qualifier- TBA

USA Regional- TBA

USA Regional- TBA


HHS Showcase- TBA

USA Nationals- TBA

2017-2018 Competition Results:

AIA Qualifier November 4th:

Varsity Cheer Qualified for the AIA State Tournament to take place in January 2018!!!

USA Regional November 18th:

Varsity Cheer and Varsity Pom both took home 1st Place, Regional Champs and Qualified for USA Nationals!!!

JV Pom took home 2nd Place!!!

TSC Regional December 2nd:

At Horizon High School

JV Cheer 2nd

Varsity Cheer 5th

JV Pom 1st

Varsity Pom 2nd

Jazz 1st

USA Regional December 9th:

At Deer Valley High School

JV Cheer 

Varsity Cheer 

JV Pom 

Varsity Pom 


AIA STATE Tournament January 20, 2018:

Varsity Cheer- 8th Place in the State Division 1 Varsity Cheer

TSC Regional February 3rd, 2018:

JV Pom- 2nd

Varsity Pom- 2nd

Varsity Jazz- 2nd

Varsity Cheer- 1st

Horizon Spiritline Showcase February 10th, 2018:



NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2018- Horizon Small Varsity Advanced Pom!!!

Varsity Pom- 1st

Varsity Jazz- 6th

Varsity Cheer- 11th

Volunteer INFO:

Parent/Guardian Volunteers- Anyone who wants to participate in Spiritline events, that will be under direct supervision of a coach or HHS staff member.  

-This is the 2 page 2016 Volunteer Application under the forms tab.

Parent/Guardian Volunteer Coach/Chaperone- Anyone who wants to chaperone field trips, or anyone who will be alone with any student other than your own, NOT under the direct supervision of a coach or HHS staff member.

-This is the packet under 2016-2017 Chaperone-Volunteer Coach Application under the forms tab.

-This person MUST be background checked, finger printed and cleared through our District Human Resources Department First.  This process takes 6-8 weeks.  

If you have a question please email the Board.
They will get you an answer!

Policies on Coaches Communication: Please contact coaches by email ONLY!!! 
Do not text a coach.  

Chain of command:  If you have an issue you need to discuss, have a question, complaint or need clarification on something this is how it works:
1.  You must contact a board member first
2.  If that doesn't work contact Coach Megan
3.  If you are still not feeling the situation is resolved you may contact our Athletic Director Hannah Pacheco.
4.  Horizon Administration would be next in line if for some reason you are still unhappy
5.  LASTLY--- And only after you have exhausted all above contacts and your issue is still not taken care of you should contact the District Athletic Director Corey Newland

Please do not do one before the other!  

What is the main objective of the Spiritline?  To be an organization that supports all other clubs and sports on campus as well as to help create school spirit, respect and pride on campus.  It is the expectations of athletes to participate in all pep rallies, assemblies, and other various school activities. 

Please use this website to get updated information about upcoming tryouts, current schedules, and to contact coaches.

What is Spiritline? Spiritline is a combination of cheer and pom squads that promote crowd interaction and school spirit through cheering at football and basketball games as well as school assemblies and other school events and athletic competitions.

What is the difference between pom and cheer? Pom focuses on dance technique, and cheer focuses on stunting and tumbling.  At tryouts you will be asked to choose which area you would like to focus on.

Coaching staff:

Tahlia Campbell: (snyder_tahlia@hotmail.com) - Head Pom & Cheer Coach/Varsity Spiritline

Megan Snyder: (snyder_megan@hotmail.com)- Head Pom & Cheer Coach/Varsity Spiritline

Haley Cobb:  Junior Varsity Cheer

Paige Hoffman:  Junior Varsity Pom