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5 Ways to Stop Cyberbullies Video

What is Cyberbullying? If your kids are texting, sharing photos, and posting comments, it’s important to talk to them about online harassment and how to deal with it. Learn 5 ways to stop cyberbullies.”

For more tips and advice, visit Common Sense Education's Digital Citizenship web site.

Cyberbullying, Haters, and Trolls


Common Sense Media’s resource page includes frequently asked questions, such as “How do I report cyberbullying?” and “How can I determine whether my kid is a cyberbully?” and many more. Also included are articles and videos about cyberbullying.

I Am A Witness - from the Ad Council and many partners (like Google, Apple, Twitter, etc.)



About the campaign: “More than one in four children a year experiences bullying. I Am A Witness aims to stop bullying by activating the “silent majority” of kids who witness it each day, transforming them from passive bystanders into an active collective that speaks up against bullying. Now, taking a stand against it and showing support to someone in need can be as easy as a stroke of the keyboard. For more about the campaign, click here and for ways to get involved, visit our press kit.” http://iwitnessbullying.org/aboutiamawitness-2.jpg

What is this popular anonymous social media app? Common sense media explains: “Sarahah is a free social media app that lets you receive comments from friends and strangers anonymously. You can also comment on friends' and strangers' profiles without them knowing it's you.” Visit the Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Sarahah from Common Sense Media for a video and more information.

What is a Digital Footprint?




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