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We live in a digital culture that empowers young people to access information instantly, rework media easily, and share their creations globally. But the ease with which young people can find, copy, and distribute digital content can also lead them to use online material without thinking about where it comes from or to whom it belongs. Viewing the Internet as a "free-for-all" leads to problems of copyright infringement, plagiarism, piracy, and a general lack of respect for the hard work and creativity of others. The basic fact is this: Even if something is posted on the Internet for all the world to see, someone somewhere created that picture, song, or article -- and it belongs to that person.  Below are the Four Points of Fair Use.

What should younger students know about respecting the work of others? How can plagiarism be discussed with older students? Common Sense Media has created Family Tip Sheets to guide parents in these Creative Credit and Copyright topics and many other digital citizenship challenges. To find out more, review the Family Tip Sheets below:




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