Horizon High School will be the leader in setting high standards for student achievement and learning, preparing students for college and post-secondary options and cultivating 21st Century skills that will lead to individual excellence.

Horizon High School’s mission is to create a community of learners focused on: 

  • Students work independently and interactively on authentic tasks based on state-standards that are: 
    • Focused on the “Big Skills & Ideas” of the discipline. 
    • Real-world, meaningful and relevant. 
    • Centered on applying and creating. 
    • Dependent on 21st Century process skills. 
  • Horizon High School exhibits a student-centered culture where students, staff and community are:
    • Committed to each other’s unlimited potential and 
    • success. 
    • Focused on relationships that foster support, autonomy, respect and professionalism. 
    • Prideful of their work and school environment. 
    • Committed to giving back to the school and community.
  • Learning is best when it is real-world and relevant. 
  • All students can be prepared for post secondary options of university, community college, specialty training or the world of work.
  • Staff, staff, students, parents and community serve as active stakeholders in the decision-making processes.
  • Partnerships are essential for a focus on 21st Century skills and global mindedness.
  • Technology is an essential tool to enhance learning.