Lesson 5 - Hoax or No Hoax

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to ...

  • Evaluate the quality of informational websites.
  • Rate informational websites by applying criteria.
  • Compare their results and learn that all sites are not of equal quality.
Part 1

Ask students to think about how they read differently when they are using the Internet. Discuss strategies they use when reading websites. Questions for discussion include:

  • Do you read all of the text on the page?

  • How do you use pictures to help you read?

  • What do you look for on the homepage of a website?

  • How do you choose what links to click?
Work through the Cool or Fool CyberTour. You will choose 4 of the 12 sites to investigate. Record any important information they learn on your Cool or Fool Answer Sheet.  First, Make a copy of the worksheet, then type both names at the top.

1.We are going to use the Comprehension Strategies Diagram. Model asking questions such as:

What do we need to find out?

Where should we begin?

Where do we want to go?

What do we need to do first?

What do you predict this site will be about?

2. What are some things you notice about the website?  What are some things that look legitimate?

3.  We will use the "Is this a Hoax?" worksheet to determine if it is or not.

You are going to evaluate a website.     Use the "Is this a Hoax?" worksheet to record your information.

Your final site to analyze is listed below.  You will do this one on your own.  Be prepared to discuss this when we are done.