Earn College Credit 

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Horizon High School, in conjunction with Rio Salado Community College, makes it possible for students to earn up to two years of college credit without ever leaving campus. Our Dual teachers are certified to teach college-level courses, and our curriculum is reviewed annually.

Students must select classes eligible for dual credit during high school registration (click here for Horizon's course list). Once classes begin, students receive information from their teachers on how to register online with Rio Salado. Whatever grade they receive in their high school class will now appear on both their high school and college transcripts.

Save Money!

  • 3-credit class at a state university = $2,222, plus books
  • 3-credit class Dual enrollment class = $273, no cost for books
  • Payment is made to Rio Salado and is due at the time of registration

Dual Enrollment Registration Process

  • To register with Rio Salado, go to admissions.maricopa.edu 
  • Click "Start New Application" and follow the instructions 
  • Call the Help Desk (480-384-9995) if you get an error message or are unable to complete the process. Note: Due to FERPA/confidentiality laws, the Help Desk will need to speak to the student, not the parent.
  • You will be prompted to submit ID. Acceptable forms of ID are listed on the site.
  • Make note of your MEID, Student ID number, and password for future use.
  • Take a placement test, if necessary (see below for testing requirements). Testing is offered once a semester at Horizon, otherwise students can test at any of the community colleges (such as PVCC or SCC).
  • Submit Financial Responsibility/Consent Form: Student logs-in at https://goo.gl/ywYaLO and completes their portion. An email is auto-generated to the parent, who will need to provide an electronic signature (be sure to open a new browser for the parent form). Allow 3-5 business days for processing.
  • After the student receives notification that all pre-enrollment requirements have been completed, they log-in to their student center at my.maricopa.edu and click "Add a Class". Enter the 5-digit number for the the dual classes. Click Here for a list of dual courses offered at Horizon. 
  • Payment is due upon registration. Payment is made through the Student Center at my.maricopa.edu by clicking on "my payment options/manage my payment plan" in the Finances section.  
Helpful numbers: 
Horizon's Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Butch Bodine: 480-517-8379 
Rio Salado Success Coach, Bob Brown: 480-517-8125     

Placement Testing

Nearly all Dual Enrollment classes with Rio Salado require either a placement test score, a high school AZMerit score of proficient, or a prerequisite course (NEWGPAs accepted for some math classes)
  • Marketing, Business, and GenYes classes do not have prerequisites
  • Other non-Math classes, with the exception of Chemistry and English 101, accept a proficient score on the AZMerit
  • Students who have not taken the AZMerit in high school, or did not score proficient, must take a Reading Comprehension Test (no minimum score required)
  • Chemistry requires: 
      • College-Level Math test > 31 and a Reading Comp. Test > 73 or 
      • Elementary Algebra test > 69 and a Reading Comp. Test > 73 or
      • 1 year of High School Algebra and a Reading Comp. Test > 73
  • Students enrolling in ENG101 must receive a 5 or better on the WritePlacer test
  • Students enrolling in a dual math class:
    • Unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher to take MAT151/152 or MAT187 (no placement test necessary) 
    • Unweighted GPA of 2.7 or higher to take MAT142 (no placement test necessary)
    • Students who do not have the minimum GPA or are taking a class higher than MAT187, must take a placement test and receive a qualifying score:
      • MAT142: 70 or better on the Elementary Algebra test 
      • MAT187: 54 or better on the College Math test
      • MAT221/231: 60 or better on the College Math test (or received a 'C' or better in MAT187)

Placement scores are good for 2 years and are valid for any Maricopa Community College. If a student does not make the qualifying score the first time, they are permitted to take the test again after 24 hours. An additional re-test is permitted no sooner than three months from the first time they tested.

Placement tests are provided at no charge to students at any Rio Salado Testing site or any Maricopa Community College, including PVCC.

For Sample Questions for Math Tests and Reading Comprehension, Click Here 

For Help on the WritePlacer, Click Here

Please Note
Students will NOT be allowed to test without the following items:
  • Photo ID, such as a school ID, driver's license/permit, passport or state issued ID card (Copies are not accepted)
  • A Community College Student ID number (i.e. 34123456) See registration process above for steps to receive a student ID number.