Vision/Philosophy Statement

It is the vision of the DShES community to have each student achieve his/her greatest potential and build a solid foundation for future success.

We believe the parents, community and staff share the responsibility for providing a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers children to be problem solvers, good decision makers, life-long learners, and to instill in each student the confidence to succeed.

Mission Statement

The mission of Desert Shadows Elementary School is to lead students to individual excellence be creating a positive, collaborative and professional community.

We Believeā€¦

  • ALL students can achieveā€¦and ALL means ALL
  • The individual student is our main focus
  • The highest quality educators guarantee the highest quality education
  • Technology plays a critical role in the lives and successes of our students
  • Parents are partners in the educational process
  • A global mindedness is essential for all students
  • Community and business partnerships are essential