Digital Security Course

Digital Citizenship is everyone's responsibility. Digital life is everywhere, all the time. It is imperative to be safe and secure digital citizens at home and work. PVSchools employees can increase their knowledge of digital security by participating in the free Digital Security course in Google Classroom. It's a quick and easy way to learn best practices for protecting yourself and PVSchools. Simply go to the URL of, select + and join the class using the code of “aqkads”

Modern Literacies: Digital Citizenship

To learn more about incorporating Digital Citizenship into the classroom, you may complete an online class called Modern Literacies: Digital Citizenship

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain Digital Citizenship
  • Apply ISTE Standards for Teachers and Students to Digital Citizenship
  • Explain Creative Commons
  • Discover and Assess Common Sense Media Resources for Educators
  • Create a Plan for Addressing Digital Citizenship for Your Classroom

10 Hour Class

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