Changes to Hydrological Cycle

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Critical Thinking pg. 75
Question 8

What Changes might take place in the hydrological cycle if the earth's climate becomes (a) hotter or (b) cooler? In each case, what are two ways in which these changes might affect your lifestyle?

     If the earth's climate were to change dramatically (whether hotter or colder), we would all be in for many changes. First, if the earth were to become hotter, we would have a lot of melting ice which takes away from any animals like polar bears or penguins who need land to survive. Also, melting ice caps and glaciers basically turns to too much ocean water, which will flood much of our needed land. For humans, this means less room and more concentrated populations. It could also translate to production loss for us due to factories or potential building sites being flooded out, also much farming land could be loss due to too much ocean water. On the other hand, a dramatic decrease in temperature could lead to an increase in the amounts of ice caps and glaciers we have which would limit the amount of water that we have. Precipitation could also decrease world wide if there was a temperature decrease.  This could lead to a decrease in agricultural production or population clumping, either way you look at it, changing the earth's temperature is dangerous thing to humans, animals, plants, the whole world changes when the temperature changes.