Barb Kapla, SEI

5th Grade
Tammy Fish
Barb Kapla, SEI

6th Grade
Barb Kapla, SEI

Structured Program Staff
Lauren Miller
Tiffany Reichmann
Samantha Rosenthal

Structured Program Para Professionals
Gena Denham
Barb Lowry
Susan Conrad
Evonne Martin
Dawn Gill
Janis Trent
Milena Drobjnak
Heather Baab
Office and Support
Janice Moore, Principal
Lorraine Moyer, Administrative Assistant
Nancy Tramuto, Records Secretary

Special Education
Melissa Sawyer
Jeannie Dunn, aide

Cheryl Abraham
Carrie Hartson, Title Math
Alane Wiesner, Reading Specialist

Support Services
Briana Robles, Psychologist
Emily Schwartz, Speech
Linda Donofrio, Social Worker
Deborah Adams, Honors
Miriam Martinez, Parent Liaison

Special Areas
Keira Prather, Music
Jeri Jue, PE

Band and Strings
After the Bell
Mary Estes