Student Learning

Student learning is best facilitated by:                                                  


1. Student safety- Students need to know they are physically and emotionally safe in their classroom environment. Along with obvious physical safety rules, the students need to know they will not be judged, especially in a largely subjective subject area such as art.


2. Cooperative learning- This is not necessarily group work, but a way for the teacher to take time to learn about each student and help them to learn how to work together. This is also a way for the students to interact and participate in a positive atmosphere while maintaining accountability.


3. Classroom management- There is mutual respect for everyone in the room, however it will be clear that the teacher is in charge of the room.




During art classes, we discuss art in our own culture as well as art in other cultures around the world, and how each culture influences others. Each student is an individual, and in the subject area of art, this can be especially realized.