Horizon Girl’s Badminton Team

2013 Tryout Date:  AUGUST 12, 2013

Coach: Hannah Harris


Welcome all interested badminton players! We will be having open gym sessions from 2:30-4:00 P.M. in the large gym. Listen to the announcements for upcoming open gym dates.

What To Do Before Tryouts (Best to complete all items and turn them in before you leave for summer!):


  2. You must turn in your COMPLETED PAPERWORK with the Athletic Department in order to tryout.

  3. You must complete the online “INFORMED CONSENT” video on Horizon’s website.

  4. You must complete the online “CONCUSSION COURSE” video on Horizon’s website.

Here are a couple of recommendations before trying out:

  1. Badminton Camps: Participation in a badminton camp or clinic will be highly beneficial to new badminton players who are trying to develop a game, as well as experienced player trying to improve their game. Check out the following website for information on badminton camps and clinics.

  2. Conditioning: Any conditioning, running, strength exercises, and stretching that you can do before tryouts will be very helpful to you. Badminton is a competitive and fast-paced sport that requires good physical conditioning. We will also be incorporating conditioning and exercise into our tryouts and practices.

8th Grade Students Coming to Horizon in 2013:

The open gym times in the Horizon Gym in the summer are an excellent time for you to come out and play, have some fun, and meet other badminton players. Just come and introduce yourself to either one of the badminton girls or to myself and we will set you up with a racket and birdie.

If you are planning on trying out for the 2013 season, be sure that you’ve looked at the information above and have completed the necessary requirements in order to tryout in August. Since badminton tryouts begin right when school starts, it is beneficial to get your physical and paperwork taken care of over summer vacation, rather than wait until school begins. You do NOT want incomplete paperwork to prevent you from trying out and playing!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or contact the athletic office.