5th grade Spanish meets

Mondays & Wednesdays

8:15 - 8:45am  Room #202

Instructor: Señora Wheeler            

Email: swheeler@pvcp.org

Phone: (602) 992-8140, ext. 7202

Extra Help: Monday through Thursday by appointment: Room 202

We will be reading a short Spanish novel, Las Aventuras de Isabela, in addition to using fun music videos by Senor Wooly.

Students will receive listening, reading, writing, and speaking opportunities to develop Spanish acquisition, proficiency, and fluency.  

Course Objectives:

1.      Develop conversational skills by promoting subconscious, long-term language acquisition rather than conscious, short-term overt instruction in grammar and linguistics.

2.      Develop fluency (listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and secondarily writing) through engaging comprehensible input.

3.      Create a classroom culture that’s safe, non-threatening and personalized through the use of stories, personalized Q&A, novels, videos and interviews. A low stress environment promotes language acquisition by lowering affective filter.

4.      Achieve providing comprehensible Spanish input 95% of the time, and regularly checking for student comprehension through self-assessments and other measures.

Main Assignments & Expectations:

1.      Participation is highly emphasized due to the importance placed on interacting in order to learn Spanish. Therefore, the student’s grade will be substantially based on in-class participation in dialogue, activities, readings, writing, and role-playing.

2.    Homework will give students the added repetition needed to internalize the language structures taught in class. The average homework assignment should take between 10 and 20 minutes.

I ask students to...

  1. Come prepared, on time, be giving, be actively engaged, be on task, and be respectful to receive full participation points.

  2. 10% will be deducted for each class day an assignment is turned in late.  For every excused day absent, you will have that same number of days to make up the work missed.

  3. If absent, get notes, check Praxi, email me to request material and information missed, and look in class folder/cubbie for material handed out in class.


  1. Participation: 10 points per week (2/class) for being prepared, engaged and respectful

  2. Homework as assigned turned in on time

  3. Quizzes as given

  4. Presentations and projects as assigned

  5. Binder checks one per quarter

Personal statement:

I care about each student's spiritual nurturing and academic development.  Please come talk to me in person, or  email me if you are busy, to communicate anything that would benefit me to know, any suggestions, or concerns you may have. I am so grateful to be your child's Spanish teacher and to serve our families here at Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory!