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"What we have loved, others will love, and we will teach them how." 
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Yes, it's a Van Dam crazy 12th grade tradition.
(Gloucester impressions 2018-19)

These 11th graders (and 10th grader aka "Freshman") read, write, AND sing! Merry Christmas everyone!

"Making English Great Again" (MEGA)

BRAVE and BOASTFUL Thanes in the Mead Hall

The Dragon Awakes!

            My incredible 2017-18 11th grade!                                     "So, Grendel's mom, please tell us exactly how you felt 
                                                                                                                                        after your revenge attack on Heorot?" 

                            "And do you have any last words, Beowulf, before you                                 Bozos? No...Dobos! : ) 
                                 dive into that lake to battle Grendel's mom?" 

                            Annie's awesome cake...a fun birthday surprise! 2017                     Gloucester impressions. 2016-17