About Mrs.Noland

    I would like to introduce myself by sharing about my journey as a teacher.  
35 years ago, I graduated from Mid-America Nazarene College in Olathe, Kansas with a BA in education.  I later went back to the United States International University for my MA in Person Centered Education.  
    God called me into teaching and anointed me to grow and become the current teacher that I am.  I am not finished yet, so I look forward to the new stages that are coming in my future days as a teacher. 
    I was the Co-President of the PWRC and currently am a TC for the AZGeo alliance.
    I had a wonderful Cinderella man, Tim, and have a diamond girl, Annie. 
Ask me sometime for the details:)
    I have been at PVCP for the last 21 years. I remember the days of trailers and growth.  It has been a privilege to be a part of the expansion of the Fraley's dream. 
    I enjoy walking, reading, and attending workshops that help my teaching techniques. I love fresh cut flowers, chai lattes, tea houses, and eating out.
Enjoying tea at Heritage Square

                                       Short trip to Prescott at the Hassayampa Hotel