Ekaterina    Pushkarenko,   a   famous  Russian  guitar  player,  the
 prize-winner  of  many  International  Music  Contests, was born in 1984.
 She graduated from  Chaikovsky Music College by Music University of Chelyabinsk where she studied at the class  of professor and composer     V.V. Kozlov; the Gnesins College,  where she studied at the class of  A.I. Vinizkii; Maimomid State Classical Academy, where she studied at  the
 class of  professor  E.U. Finkelschtein.     Ekaterina  Pushkarenko   has  
 taken  par t in  master-classes  of   world-famous  m usicians,   such  as 
Fabio Zanon, K.Markione, Andreas  von  Wangelheim, Yoram  Zerbib.
      At    present    Ekaterina   Pushkarenko  is   giving    concerts   and
 master-classes   in Russia,  Thailand,  South  Korea  and China,   takes 
 part   in   International    Guitar  Contests   and   is  a  member  of  a   jury 
 board  at  International Music  Contest and Festivals.
     Since  2004  Ekaterina  Pushkarenko  has  been   teaching  in  the 
Sviridov  Children’s Music  School.  Some of  her  students  are  among 
prize-winners  of  Russian  and  International  Music  Contests  of  Guitar   Players.   In 2012  Ekaterina   Pushkarenko   earned  a  diploma  of   the          contest “The  best  teacher  and  performer of Children Music Schools in 
the  year 2012”.
 While  playing  solo, Ekaterina  Pushkarenko also  takes  part  in  the
 group “Duet-Impromptu” together with a famous virtuous balalaika-player Andrew Subbotin. The group has been performing for  over  8 years and 
has 6  different concert programs.She also performs in a guitar-duet with her brother  Evgenii  Pushkarenko, also 
a prize-winner of many international music contests. Their performance has been broadcasted on Radio   Russia, 
TV Channel “Culture”,  and  a series  of  TV  programs has  been broadcasted on  Moscow  South-East  Channel. 
    A solo DVD of Ekaterina Pushkarenko’s  performance, which  was  filmed  in  Seoul,   South  Korea,  was
 released  in January, 2013.

    Ekaterina Pushkarenko was born on the 30th of September 1984 in Irkutsk. She began studying music at the          age  of 6,  tutored  by  her  father, Pushkarenko  Anatoliy  Mikhailovich,  a  professor at  music college,  the  author         of the   book “The progressive  school  of  playing  guitar  classics”. At  the age  of  ten she held her solo concert at  Irkutsk Philharmonic Society. Then she was a prize-winner of city, regional  and  state music contests. At  that  time music  critics  had   already    noticed   Ekaterina’s   musica l  gift,  skills  and t alent. During  1995-1997 Ekaterina           won  the   scholarship of Irkutsk City Hall three times.

 In 2000  Ekaterina Pushkarenko graduated from Chaikovsky Music College by Music University of Chelyabinsk,  the class of professor V.V. Kozlov.  

In 2003 Ekaterina Pushkarenko  graduated from the Gnesins College, the class of A.I. Vinizkii, and In 2009 she graduated  from  Maimomid  State  Classical  Academy, the class of professor E.U. Finkelschtein. While studying, Ekaterina Pushkarenko  has  taken   part  in  master-classes  of famous guitar  players,  such  as Fabio Zanone   (England), Andreas von Wangelheim (Germany), K.Markione (Italy)  and  had a scholarship of International Charity Organisation “New Names”.

     Great Russian guitar masters, such as I. Kuznetsov (2000), N. Andreev (2003), I. Budantsev (2006) presented         their instrument to Ekaterina Pushkarenko in recognition of her amazing skills and talent.

       In 2010 after her womnderful performance at the International Festival in Magnitogorsk, Kim Xi Xong, a guitar master from South Korea  was so caught up by her skillful performance and the deep warm sound that he presented one of his best guitars to Ekaterina.


Ekaterina Pushkarenko has been a prize-winner of many Russian and International Music Contests, among which:

§         1998 – 1st prize, “Russian Contest of Guitar players”, Novossibirsk;

§         1999 – 1st prize “Russian Contest of Musical Groups”, together with her brother, Evgenii Pushkarenko, Chelyabinsk;

§         2000 – Grand Prize (Grant Prix) – Russian Contest of Guitar Players, “Guitar on the Urals”, Chelyabinsk. At this contest she was presented a guitar of a famous master I.E. Kuznetsov;

§         2000 – 1st prize, International Contest of Folk instrument Players in the name of V.V. Andreev, St. Petersburg;

§         2000 – 1st prize, International Contest “Guitar in Russia”, Voronezh,

§         2005 – 3rd prize, International Contest “GuitAs”, Kiev, Ukraine;

§         2006 – 3rd prize – International contest “Guitar Virtuoso”, special prize for performing obligatory piece, St. Petersburg;

§         2007 – 1st prize, international Contest “Modern Art”, special prize and diploma “Best Guitar”, given by the chairman of the jury, The professor of the Gnesins Academy, N.A. Komolyatov, Moscow;

§         2008  - prize-winner of International Chamber Music Festival “Autumn in the Crimea”, performing in the duet “Impromptu”  with A. Subbotin, playing the balalaika;

§         2010 – a prize-winner of International Music Festival of Chamber Music”, performing in the duet “Impromptu”  with A. Subbotin, playing the balalaika, Sevastopol, Ukraine.

§         2012 – a winner of  award prize in the contest “Masters of Moscow” for the title “the best  performing music teacher of Children’s Music Schools”, Moscow.

§         2012 – a prize-winner of the III international Festival of Arts “The Road to Christmas”, Moscow.

 Ekaterina Pushkarenko has recorded 3 CDs and a DVD:

- 1999 – “première” Chelyabimsk;

- 2005 – “Impromptu”, Moscow

-  2008 – “The Light Night”, Moscow

 2012 – a DVD in South Korea.

   Ekaterina Pushkarenko often gives solo performances at International Music Classical Guitar Contests, and has often been a member of the jury in such contests as:

§         2006 – International Contest and Festival  “Guitar in Russia”, Chelyabinsk;

§         2007 - International Contest and Festival  “Guitar Assemblies in Kamensk”, Kamensk in the Urals;

§         2008 – a member of a jury board, a solo concert at International Contest and Festival “Chrystal Strings of Baikal”, Irkutsk;

§         2009-2010  - International contest in the name of I. Kuznetsov, Magnitogorsk;

§         2010 – a tour in South Korea

§         2011 – a tour around China (Changdu, Shan to, Zan Dao). While touring China, Ekaterina gave several successful master-classes.

§         2011 – International Contest “Guitar in Russia”, Chelyabinsk;

§         2012 – Russian Contest and Festival “Silver Overtone”, Cheboksary;

§         2012 - International Guitar Festival, Thailand, Bangkok.

§         2012 – Concert in South Korea, Seoul, where her DVD was recorded.

 Ekaterina performs in the best concert halls in Moscow, such as the Moscow international House of Music Hall, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, the Big Palace in Tsaritsino, and in many Russian Philharmonics: in Petrozavodsk, in Vologda, in Cherepovets, in Oryol, in Kaluga, in Chelyabinsk, in Yekaterinburg, in Irkutsk, etc.

In Ekaterina Pushkarenko concert programs we can see a big variety in epochs and styles - from Baroque to modern music, for example, the compositions in jazz-rock, or concerts for guitar with an orchestra.

At the moment Ekaterina plays on the music instrument by Kim Xi Xong, a guitar master from South Korea.