Birds, squirrels, and other happenings in Englewood and Bergen County, NJ

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to PurpleChickadee.com, a site that features the goings-on in my yard, as well as some local Bergen County and other New Jersey locale birding news. Some have asked, why PurpleChickadee? Well, my nickname is Chickadee and my hair is purple. Simple as that. Enjoy!

Second day of Rusty Blackbird(s) in the yard (2/27/10)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the yard! Kinda blurry pics (1/26/10)

Ariel the Oriole is back! More photos of one tough cookie (1/22/10)

Red-tailed Hawk eating a squirrel (January 2010)

New Year's Day surprise: BALTIMORE ORIOLE in the yard! (1/1/10) And more photos added from 1/4/10

Monk Parakeets in the yard, 12/12/09 (eating at the suet feeders!)

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