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I have been professionally active as a audio engineer since 2004 and mastering music since 2007. I am really pleased with the way that my skills have developed over the years.

My rates run from about 120 GBP to 160 GBP for artist albums
depending on the complexity of the project

Please email with you project details so I can make an accurate quote for your album.

I would like to know:

1) The length of your project in minutes
2) The number of compositions
3) If this is a compilation album how many artists are involved? Compilation albums are more complex to master than artist albums rates run from 120 GBP to 220 GBP
4) The final format (digital, CD or vinyl)
5) If this is a vinyl album do you also require digital masters?
6) The final delivery format (digital or physical CD master + 20 GBP)
7) Your home address and true name.

Thank you!