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Built Environment

Integrating Natural Capital Analysis into Built Environment Design

Project Partner:
Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment

Project Description:
While most Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) programs focus on large rural and wilderness areas, it is in the urban center that the demand for, and impact on, ecosystem services is most acute. Protecting ecosystem services within the built environment, similar to how it has been done by the City of Singapore (CBI), is contingent upon linking them to regional patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem service provision (as evidenced by recent US Forest Service Forests, Water and People Analysis). Operating within the UK context of the UK's Biodiversity Action Plan, Committee on Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Regional Catchment Flood Management Plans, we are integrating natural capital into development planning through the Foundation's newly launched Community Capital approach and their established services of enquiry by design, design review, and planning reset.

PI UK's Role:
PI UK is amalgamating existing methodologies, approaches and regulatory frameworks for streamlining the inclusion of natural capital in development planning. This includes spatial analysis of ecosystem services for specific projects and proposals, and creating an methodology for analyzing and considering the impacts, both positive and negative, of proposed developments on ecosystem services.