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Natural Garden

We intend to create a Natural Garden at the Prince’s House on the BRE demonstration grounds in Watford, Hertfordshire. The garden intends to provide high biodiversity, amenity and food/medicine production value. We believe that the Prince’s House within the BRE Innovation Park provides a suitable platform for a national level model garden. Our main message is that gardens provide the opportunity to harmonize human and environmental relationships. Through healing and understanding the landscape we address a variety of ecological, social and human issues that form the foundation of human well being.


Ecologically, we aim to address the fine grain of ecological connectivity; issues of scale, i.e. differences in the abilities of animals and plants to move around the landscape are often not fully addressed in development planning. For example, the scale of movement of a wildflower is very different from a butterfly or for a Badger, etc… By addressing the connectivity and nature of public and private green spaces, we can repopulate ecological deserts in urban spaces that effectively block the movement of species across the landscape, interfering with the intricate food webs required for biodiversity to thrive.


Socially, we recognize the need for cooperation between people in activities that provide better group cohesion, such as garden clubs. From the human perspective, regular contact with nature, combined with regular exercise alleviates a number of psychological and physical health issues. Furthermore gardening and organic agriculture provide healthy and wholesome foods that nourish people without an undue toll on nature.