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Ecosystem Services

Scale dependence of the valuation of Ecosystem Services, Valuing Nature Network (as part of the UK Natural Environment Research Council)

Project Partners:

Center for Ecology and Hydrology
Royal Agricultural College
The Open University
British Trust for Ornithology
Rothamstead Research
U. Bangor
U. Kent
U. Reading
U. Gloucertershire
U. Lancaster

Invited Policy and Practitioners:
Natural England
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (DEFRA)
Campaign to Protect Rural England

Project Description:
The effects of scale on the delivery of ecosystem services by landscape mosaics is poorly understood. Using agricultural systems as a model, this project seeks to clarify the terminology and concepts necessary to successfully address the impact of scale on different methodologies for valuing ecosystem services (in a monetary and non-monetary sense). The project aims to be inclusive of all ecosystem services identified to date that are produced by agricultural mosaics, focusing on the most relevant ones. Addressing these issues across different types of farming systems, and holding participatory workshops with farmers, farmers' representatives, policy makers and conservation practitioners will allow us to test the uptake and resonance of these concepts in the field.

PI UK's Role:
PI UK brings their expertise in analyzing ecosystem services within participatory settings, and their familiarity with the broad range of existing approaches to quantify a subset of the ecosystem services identified by the MEA. We will contribute to the initial design of participatory workshops, as well as the amalgamation of viewpoints in writing a paper for publication and report for broader dissemination.

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