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Living Applications

There are a variety of program areas that can be linked into a more wholistic and systematic approach to ecologically sound notions of sustainability. These are not perfect, nor are they stand alone solutions, but we believe they represent progress in thinking about how human beings impact the world they live in, and more importantly, offer economically and ecological viable avenues for designing land use and built development projects.

Markets For Ecosystem Services:

-Agricultural Land Management
-Improved Forestry Management
-Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)

            - payments for watershed protection
                -water quality
                -flood risk mitigation
            - sustainable urban drainage
            - risk analysis
                - point source identification and mitigation
                - non point vector identification (road use intensity, agricultural runoff, impervious cover, population density and activity identification)
            - next generation waste processing
                - anaerobic digestion and integration of product streams (domestic/industrial gas, fertilization of agricultural plots)

            - habitat banking and restoration

Social Architecture:
-Community Supported Agriculture
-Market Development & Microfinance
-Integrated Conservation & Development
-Environmental Education
-Public Health
-Cultural documentation

Urban Living:
-Green infrastructure and gap analysis
- Rainwater Harvesting
-Native Landscaping
-Organic Gardening
-Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting and Renewables
-System architecture and analysis