Welcome! This is the budding brainchild of University of Connecticut alumnus Zbigniew Grabowski. Pure Interactions is borne of a desire to better integrate ongoing efforts of green design, social transformation, contemporary understandings of cognition and the quantification of ecosystem services. Pure Interactions UK is an ecological consulting and design service company specializing in ecosystem services, equitable social architecture, and sustainable infrastructure.

Advisory services offered focus on the carbon and water markets for agriculture, forestry and other land-use activities.  These involve project design and financing, implementation, credit issuance, and market research.  The Pure-Interactions model aims to combine the desire for a higher quality of life, a culture of appreciation of nature's services, life as a whole, and emerging markets for ecosystem services. Our model can be applied to ecological restoration, landscape preservation and regenerative and new built development.

Our ultimate objective is to enable project proponents to design and implement sustainable land-use changes that are  self-supporting and expanding.  At all times we strive to achieve a "triple bottom line" expecting social, environmental, and economic benefits for the projects we participate in. 

Fundamentally we aim to link the need for the conservation and support of Earth's biodiversity (including cultural diversity), the need for an economic valuation of the services that biodiversity provides, and the development of genuinely sustainable and integrative human settlement.