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Greyhound Gossip Winter 2013 [PDF]

Greyhound Gossip Spring 2013 [PDF]

November 2011 - Channel 3 WFSB our Stanley with Scott Haney

Dave and Brian brought Stanley and it was quite a success! We got several applications and Stanley finally found his forever home! Thank you Channel 3 and Scott Haney!

July 2010 - Channel 3 WFSB Better Connecticut show!

Video no longer available.
Mike V. and Eliza brought a couple hounds for Scott and Kara to oooh and aaah over. It was quite fun and we got a good response.

June 2010 - 15th Anniversary Birthday Bash

It certainly was a dog day, as it was quite hot out, but that didn't keep the hounds and humans away as we had a greyt time with contests, raffles, auctions, food and some excellent vendors.

Greyt Losses

This year we've lost two greyt friends to Pups Without Partners, Dennis Dawid and Dr. Luibi. Click their names to find out more.

Click here for our latest newsletter from March 2010. (PDF file)

April 2009

Once again PWP was at Pet Awareness Day at Beardsley Zoo. It was a cold, drizzly day, so turn out wasn't what it was last year, but you never know what you'll get in April. Special thanks to Dennis, Cathy and Andy and their hounds for manning the booth.

March 2009

We made the FOX61 News:

Greyhound Gossip December 2008 [PDF]

Mrs. CT
Bow-Wow Luau

August 24, 2008 The Bow-Wow Luau was a great success! Mrs. Connecticut stopped by and lent her crown to one of our regal friends, as well as greeting everyone with a lei and a smile. KC101 was there lending their support and music for the first half of the event.

There were lots of greyt items in the silent auction and the raffle. Bidding was fast and furious on many items including, a signed photo, cd and t-shirt from Elton John, an autographed NY Giants poster, gift baskets of all sorts, original art, WWE DVDs... just too much to mention!

There was plenty of food, tropical drinks, and great friends of PWP! A great time was had by all. I'm sure it will be bigger and better next year

July 31, 2008 
Finding Good Homes For Retired Racers

July 31, 2008
Caring for a Retired Racer

October 2007

300 Greyhounds In Need Of Homes 
NBC 30 Reports:
 They are off the track and racing into retirement.

July 2007

Pups Without artners gears up for three New Hampshire track closings

In the next three months Hinsdale Greyhound Park, Seabrook Greyhound Park and Belmont Greyhound Park are all slated to close for the season. President of PWP Penny Zwart has been contacted by folks at these tracks looking for help with their adoptable greyhounds. Currently PWP has been obtaining greyhounds from Melbourne Florida after an impromptu closing of the track there. Over 300 greyhounds were displaced when Melbourne closed, the Vice President of PWP is currently there helping GPA disperse these greyhounds. 

PWP has the option of using a leased kennel, but due to the price of gas and travel time it is not feasible for their volunteers. Currently they are using foster homes to hold dogs waiting for adoption, which is good because the dogs are local and families can meet them and decide if they are suitable for their home.  “Greyhounds are the best kept secret of the dog world" says Penny Zwart.  The group has been involved with greyhounds since 1995 and has successfully helped over 6000 greyhounds with the help of creditable adoption groups throughout the country. “Right now what we need is a local place to house these dogs until adoptive homes can be found for them" says Zwart.  PWP is hoping to either get a parcel of land donated or sold to them at a reduced cost to be able to build a kennel big enough to hold 50 greyhounds at a time. 

PWP is holding a Buy & Build fundraiser in which it is selling 50/50 raffle tickets in order to raise the needed funds to accomplish the task of getting the property and building a kennel. The mayor of West Haven will draw the winning ticket at 11:00 am on August 1st. They are also soliciting donations from many organizations and businesses. 

PWP’s objective is to obtain and place in loving homes as many dogs as they can. All potential homes will go through an adoption and screening process to insure the best fit for both the adopter and the dog. In addition to the screening process, there is an adoption fee that covers the vet costs for each dog.

Gene Chambers

June 2007

20 Homeless greyhounds are headed North to Connecticut

In cooperation with Greyhound Pets Of America Melbourne Florida, 20 Homeless greyhounds are headed North to Connecticut. 2 weeks ago Melbourne closed the doors on greyhound racing with no notice to the kennels leaving GPA with over 400 dogs to find homes for.

Crystal Zwart owner of TA'S kennel and Dennis Tyler President of GPA Melbourne worked through the night preparing these dogs for their 18 hour journey here to CT. 10 Will be going to Grateful Greyhounds of Long Island NY. President Lisa Sallie will be meeting the hauler in New Jersey around 4am on Sunday. The remaining greyhounds will then travel North to Stratford CT where Dr. Alan Busek has agreed to house them and perform all vet work needed prior to their placement as pets. When they arrive volunteers will be on hand to bathe and walk these dogs after their long journey. Grateful Greyhounds along with Pups Without Partners and Greyhound Rescue and Rehab will be advocating for homes for these dogs in the hopes we can get more towards the end of the month.

Greyhounds are wonderful pets and are in need of loving adoptive homes. We need as much positive publicity we can get media attention would be a godsend. There are over 1000 greyhounds at any time in need of homes. With both CT tracks closed the dogs must come from other areas that are already saturated with greyhounds and are in need of adoption. There is a fee to adopt and an application process to assure the family and the group that the greyhound is getting a loving forever home.  These greyhounds very lives depend on groups and individuals to help them many of their racing owners are standing by to help as well.  In fact, one owner has given us space at his farm to house any dogs that we cannot place right away.

Anyone who can help us when the hauler arrives at the Pet Hospital in Stratford on Linden Ave, please let us know.  The hauler will be arriving between 7-8 am and anyone who can get some media attention would be well appreciated.  These dogs need all the help we can get.  We want to place as many in approved adoption homes as quickly as possible and get more.

You can reach us via email or cell phone: or 203-809-5206
Grateful Greyhounds can be reached at 1-516-735-5070
Greyhound Rescue and Rehab 1-914-763-2221

Media contact is Penny at Pups Without Partners 203-809-5206

Mad Max

Here are some of our newsletters from the past:

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