So you decided to adopt a retired racer? Greyt!

(For residents of Connecticut, in Fairfield or New Haven counties only. If you live outside this area, search here.)

This is how the adoption process works.
  1. Fill out the adoption application online or download this PDF file version, print it and send it in via standard mail. (DO NOT fill out our application if you have already filled one out with another group or you live outside of our local area. If you see a dog that interests you on our site contact your local greyhound adoption group and have them contact us.)
  2. An adoption representative will call to discuss and schedule a home visit.
  3. Adoption rep meets with your family.
  4. Hound selection/profiling
  5. Upon approval you receive your new best friendl!

The home visit helps us match the right dog with the right household, allows us to identify possible trouble spots in your home and offer solutions.

Alvin meet Eric
Just like people, every greyhound is different. We profile the dogs so we can match their personality and demeanor with the right family. They are small-animal tested to make sure they will get along with any other critters you may have.

If you've gone this far, I'm sure you've read the "Greyhound Info" section of the site. There are a few points you'll hear us stress over and over.

  • Never let a greyhound off-lead when not in a fenced area. If your yard is not fenced, walk your dog.
  • Never put a flea collar on a greyhound. It could kill them.
  • Frontline Top Spot and Advantage are greyhound-safe flea/tick medications. Don't use any other products for fleas/ticks. Many have chemicals that greyhounds are sensitive to.
  • If you ever have to give up your dog for any reason, you must bring him/her back to us. Greyhounds do not do well in shelters and we want to make sure they have loving owners with all the proper knowledge of greyhound ownership.

Ready to adopt? Click here to launch the form.

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