About Pups Without Partners™

Pups Without Partners is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit greyhound only adoption program supported by donations from caring individuals. The purpose of our program is to safely guard greyhounds in the racing industry by placing them as pets when their racing career is over. Pups without Partners have placed over 6,000 greyhounds into loving homes since opening in 1995.


PWP, when started, was a fully sponsored program, but when the sponsor agency closed a few years ago, the people running the program could not walk away. Their love of greyhounds and the joy they give their adoptive families kept them going through some pretty tough times. Fortunately, several past adopters of dogs from Pups Without Partners have stepped up to help build a volunteer base to keep this very important program going.


Responsible greyhound adoption groups tend to be regionally centered, so they can support the dogs they adopt out. Our region is centered around New Haven County and Northern Fairfield County. We aren't very strict about that, but we like to keep things within a 45min drive. If you are from outside the region and want a greyhound, please let us know and we'll refer you to a group in your area.


We are always looking for volunteers, so please contact us if you'd like to help with fundraising, meet and greets and with any of the events we attend. You don't have to have a greyhound, you just need to love the breed and want to learn a little about them.