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  • NEW pulsarsearchcollaboratory website in the works!!
    By March 1 we will switch to a new website which will NOT be a google site. On this new site we will have a forum for communication, and we plan to ditch the school sites.  This site will continue to work, but we will point our domain name  to the new site by March 1.  If you are interested in seeing  and commenting on the new site prior to its launch please email sheather-at-nrao.edu.  I would be delighted to have your feedback.
  • We are processing new datasets!  This is taking some effort as we have plowed through all of the original data and the new data is  taken somewhat differently. I will update this space  when I have more to report!
  • The PSC plot tests Are being MODIFIED.  As you know, some of the items were really no longer correct as plots that WERE pulsar candidates when we made the test up are now confirmed pulsars!  So I think we have corrected this.
  • We've been able to make an extension to the deadline for registering for the 3-credit WVU course. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get some credits under their belt before starting college, and to have a tangible reward for their PSC work. I've attached the syllabus for the course to this email and am happy to answer any questions.

    The fee will be $153 for the three-credit course. The first step for students is to fill out this registration form:


    and fax it to the number on the form.This must be done by January 30!!!

    To learn more about course requirements check out the course syllabus here. Have Questions?  email sueann -at- pulsarsearchcollaboratory.com
  • Dr. Duncan Lorimer wrote a song about pulsars. Check out the lyrics and sing along to help you remember pulsars' properties!

  • Be sure to check out the Rogue Gallery. Don't be fooled by earthly signals!

  • View our poster, presented at the American Astronomical Society conference, about the PSC's positive effects on students.

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In the New Pulsars Gallery, read about new pulsar discoveries and the students who made them while participating in the Pulsar Search Collaboratory.


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