Getting Started

Welcome to our new home for TB2! In our effort to
unite resources, feedback and other moving parts, we've migrated to this space. Find instructions to download the game below, and to the left, a menu that includes learning resources and feedback forms for student and educator.

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Our fullest appreciation to the design studio we were privileged to bring on-board, Decode Global, to colleague Peter Gwin, and to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation (ESAF) for their generous early support.

Version updated Jan. 29, 2015.


Travel to the historic city of Timbuktu (TB2), Mali where you begin a reporting assignment about the ancient manuscripts housed there. But beware: things don’t always go as planned...

Download the game here

Ages: 10-13

Technical notes:
1) Unzip the file and click on the html link (Make sure to keep the .html and .unity3d files in the same folder)
2) Open the .html file, it should open in your default web browser
3) Your bro
wser will notify you that a plugin is required (Unity Web Player), just follow the prompts to download and install the plugin (you should only have to do this the first time)
4) Play!

If your browser does not prompt you to download the plugin, you can manually download it here. If the game does not load, close your browser and re-open by selecting the .html link in the folder.


Unity Web Player for Windows
Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Unity Web Player for Mac OS X
Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or newer