Welcome to The Ville!

Known as the "Recreation Hideaway", Raiderville was founded by a group of six families looking for a hub  to their farming community in 1884.  Set on having a place that could be a gathering place for all events from weekly produce markets to community events, Raiderville has it all. 

Today, Raiderville is a thriving community with great recreation opportunities along with sustainable businesses for employment.  Come visit our thriving community which still remains the only "Recreation Hideaway" this side of Shawano County.

The Ville's Mayor McRaider Welcomes You

As mayor of Raiderville, I would sincerely like to welcome you to our community.  What a fun place this is to be!  We offer a wide range of housing options, interesting sites to visit, and plenty of work to keep you busy.  “The Ville,” as we affectionately refer to ourselves, has a total population of 50 people.  It is a small, cozy little town where thinking abounds.  Our town motto is:  Think, Question, Create!  

We hope you find our website helpful.  Our resident Information Technology Specialists have worked very hard to make it what you need.  Take some time to explore our community.  I’m positive there is something here for everyone!

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please “Contact Us”, and we will be sure to get back to you in a speedy fashion!  We are here to help!

Mayor McRaider

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