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“Writing [and artistic] excellence is a rare quality.  This is why it is so important that some forum be set aside to honor our student writers [and artists].  It is the editors’ belief that these [pieces] represent the pinnacle of student writing [and art] at Pulaski High School ... Certainly, the selections are sufficiently diverse to satisfy anyone’s reading preferences” (Creative Trails IV, 1982-1983).

Perspectives! What a history!
  Since 1979, Pulaski High School’s literary publication Perspectives, once entitled Creative Trails, has a rich history of publishing quality, original student writing, art, and photography for over 30 years.  Publishers have collaborated since the early 1990s with Echoes Across the Bay (a compiled magazine of student work from Ashwaubenon, Bay Port, De Pere, Seymour, and West De Pere).  Pulaski High School teachers Ray Vils, Chuck Jansky, Kathleen Birmingham, Glenn Blohowiak, Tom Caylor, Diane Schmidtke, Marin Krause, Aaron Sperduto (current art teacher), Faye Girardi, Jessica Walters, Amy Deprey (adviser), and Ashey Demo (art teacher) have annually published pieces with a team of editors.  Funds Ohofor publishing have been raised from donations and concessions sales at the annual musicals in February.  Each year, after collecting student work, a final bound and printed edition is sold in the spring.  Editors established Perspectives’ own informational website in 2008, printed the first color 
pages in 2009, and designed a QR code logo in 2011.  For the first time, in 2012, Perspectives became a free, on-line publication.  As technology improves, the sky is the limit for recognizing student work on topics
ranging from love, to sports, to stereotypes, to nature, to remembering those who have passed away.  

Photo taken by Karissa Kosmal class of 2013

Photo taken by Reece Tyczkowski, class of 2015
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