ITLS Standards

Information Technology Standards for implementation in 2012-13  DPI Information

        Strand 1:  Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation

        Develop innovative products and processes using digital, media, and print learning tools to share new knowledge with others.   

            Learning Target:  Students apply answers and new knowledge to develop an innovate product using a variety of digital, media and   
print resources.

Strand 2:  Collaborative Learning, Group Communication and Digital Citizenship

Develop, implement and communicate new ideas with others through various modes such as oral, written, and nonverbal with 
            multiple groups and audiences using diverse media, formats and contexts effectively.

            2A        Learning Target:  Students will interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of print and digital

            2B        Learning Target:  Students will engage in learning activities with learners from other cultures or communities through e-mail and
                        other electronic
 communication means including audio and video.

Strand 3:  Future Implementation

Strand 4:  Personal Information and Technology Literacy

            Demonstrate a sound understanding of grade-appropriate digital concepts, systems, and tools.

                        Learning Target:  Use technology tools with proficiency to create and present ideas through simple products in different formats.

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