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Unit 3 Cells Energy Transformation



Monday, December 1


Mitosis Project Work Day - IPADS

Tuesday, December 2


Mitosis Project Work Day - IPADS

Wednesday, December 3


Mitosis Project Work Day – IPADS

Assignment:  Mitosis Worksheet – Due Thursday

                         8-3 Reading Guide (cancer) due Friday

Thursday, December 4

Cell Cycle Survey using Explain Everything App

Onion root tip lab

Friday, December 5

8.3 & 11. 1  Cell Cycle Disruption Mutation to Cancer

Wrap up/discuss onion root tip lab & mitosis

Discuss cancer



Monday, December 8


Golden Onion activity

Assign Unit Review (Mitosis/Cancer) due Wednesday


Tuesday, December 9


Cancer Warrior Video


Wednesday, December 10


Wrap up Cancer warrior video


Thursday, December 11



Assign Mendelian Genetics Reading guide for Monday

Friday,  December 12


Early dismissal Day

Human Traits Lab  **Need PTC paper**



Monday, December 15

Reading check

Discuss Mendelian Genetics

Practice worksheet – monohybrid crosses and terms

Tuesday, December 16

Teacher collaboration day

Punnett square practice in class

Wednesday, December 17

Introduce Dihybrid cross

Dihybrid cross practice

Thursday, December 18


Finish Dihybrid cross practice

Trihybrid extra credit

Friday, December 19


Genetics Quiz (short)

Geniverse online activity or Probability lab

Monday, December 22

Geniverse online activity or Paper Pet Genetics Lab

Tuesday, December 23

Geniverse online activity or Paper Pet Genetics Lab