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Unit 2 Cells & Biochemistry



Monday, September 22


Hand back Unit 1 Quiz

Work time:  Pill Bug Lab Groups – work on lab report (Chromebooks reserved)

Assignment:  Read 7-1 and 7-2, complete reading guide for Thursday

Tuesday, September 23



SLO Biology assessment

Discussion:  Homeostasis and Cell theory

Work time:  Lab reports/reading guides

Wednesday, September 24


Pill bug lab report due today!

Handout: Plasma membrane diagram-label PM

6.2 Properties of Water  & Water Demos


Thursday, September 25

Reading Check on 7.1 & 7.2

Continue Plasma membrane discussion (Musk-ox analogy)

Discuss - Cell Size limitations and demo

Assign:  7-3 Reading Guide – Assembly, Transport and Storage Structures ONLY (#10-21)due Monday

Friday, September 26



Monday, September 29



Reading Check 7-3

Discuss Assembly, Transport, Storage, and Recycling structures in the cell

Homework:  Read 8-1 and complete reading guide for Tuesday

Tuesday, October 30



Reading Check on 8-1

Review plasma membrane structure/function

Active vs. Passive transport (set up demos) – Diffusion and osmosis

Demos include:  potato slices in solutions, egg in solutions, starch in bag

Wednesday, October1

Results of passive transport demos

Discussion:  Active transport

Activity:  Endocytosis tootsie roll demo – Post lab due Thursday

Thursday, October 2



Collect endocytosis post-lab

Wrap up cell transport – Diffusion worksheet

Class demo activity:  Human transport of molecules through a membrane

(active vs. passive, charged molecules, concentration gradients)

Review for quiz

Friday, October 3


Quiz – Cell theory, Plasma membrane, assembly, transport and storage structures, and cell transport processes

Read over Cell race lab and complete Pre-lab questions

Monday, October 6



Cell race lab

Assignment:  Read 7.3 Energy transformations within a cell and Eukaryotic cell structures and complete that portion of reading guide(#1-9 and 22-30) for Tuesday

Tuesday, October 7

(Aspire testing)


Discussion: -Nucleus

- Energy transformers and movement within a cell (chloroplasts and mitochondria)


Microscope introduction


Wednesday, October8

(Aspire testing)

Introduce Microscope lab 7-2 (work with lab partner)

Thursday, October 9

(Aspire testing)

Finish Microscope lab 7-2 (T/F Lab analysis Questions due Friday)

Friday, October 10

(Aspire testing)

KF Lab:  Observing the nucleus and chloroplasts in white onions, mammalian cells and aquarium plants (skills in staining various cells, using microscopes and identifying organelles)

Assignment:  Complete KF:  Red onion osmosis via hyper, hypo, and isotonic solutions

Monday, October 13

Collect KF Red Onion Applying osmosis via hyper, hypo, and isotonic solutions lab

Finish KF – Observing the cells (Analysis due Tuesday)

Tuesday, October 14

Go over observing animal, plant, and bacterial cells lab and go over summary questions – Collect lab

Energy production – Introduction to plants (3 main organs) and photosynthesis

Wednesday, October 15

Continue plant intro – photosynthesis – chloroplast structure and function

Bloody chloroplast Demo

Start KF – Modeling photosynthesis lab activity

Thursday, October 16

Complete KF lab activity – modeling photosynthesis and Discuss

KF – Leaf structure lab

Friday, October 17

Complete KF – leaf structure lab

Monday, October 20

Discuss leaf structure lab

Begin Understanding plants station lab (stations 1-7)

Tuesday, October 21

Finish Understanding plants station lab (1-7)

Review for quiz

Wednesday, October 22 (Early Out)

QUIZ – Microscope technique, energy transformers and eukaryotic structures, photosynthesis


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