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Unit 4 Genetics



Thursday, December 11

Assign:  Mendelian Genetics reading guide – Due Monday

Friday, December 12

Early release

Human Traits Class discussion

***need PTC or sodium benzoate paper***

Monday, December 15

Reading check

Wrap up human traits that are genetic

Introduce Mendelian genetics discussion

Tuesday, December 16

Mendelian genetics discussion

Start Monohybrid cross worksheet practice

Wednesday, December 17

Further monohybrid cross practice

Thursday, December 18

Introduction to dihybrid crosses

Assign cat worksheet (4 dihybrid crosses)

Friday, December 19

Go over cat worksheet

Introduce paper pet genetics rules

Assign:  Bikini bottom worksheet and Trihybrid E.C. due Tuesday

Monday, December 22

Genetics Quiz

Paper Pet Genetics Activity

Tuesday, December 23

Complete Paper Pet Genetics Activity

Collect assignment (worksheet and extra credit)

December 24 - January 4th

Christmas Break

Monday, January 5

Review monohybrid/dihybrid crosses;

Introduce non-mendelian genetics

Assign:  Reading guide – non-mendelian genetics

Tuesday, January 6

Non-mendelian Genetics discussion (Multiple alleles, Codominance)

Practice Blood typing crosses

Wednesday, January 7

Sex-linked inheritance

Blood typing pre-lab

Thursday, January 8

Blood typing lab

Mitosis review

Assign:  Meiosis Reading guide

Friday, January 9

Intro to Meiosis

Complete pre-lab (Chromosomes in a bag modeling)

Monday, January 12

Meiosis vs. Mitosis Modeling lab (Chromosomes in a bag)

Tuesday, January 13

Wrap up and discuss lab

Assign:  Reading guide – 12-1 Pedigrees

Wednesday, January 14

Introduction to Human Pedigrees

Thursday, January 15

Human pedigree practice

Probability lab??? or discussion as time permits

Friday, January 16

Review assignment/wrap-up of genetics

Monday, January 19

Biology Mid-year SLO Assessment

Genetics Class review

Tuesday, January 20

Genetics Unit Test

Semester 1 Biology Culminating Activity

Wednesday, January 21

Semester 1 Biology Culminating Activity

Thursday, January 22

Early Release Day

Complete Semester 1 Culminating Activity

Friday, January 23

No School – Professional Development

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