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Unit One-Experimental Lab Design



Tuesday, September 2


Write Out Popsicle Sticks


Wednesday, September 3



Icebreaker activity

Interactive Notebook Set-up

-all about me poem


Course outline


Thursday, September 4



Course Outline

Class expectations

Lab safety and emergency situations


Friday, September 5

Finish up  expectations and lab safety

What is life demo & discussion-yeast demo

Assignment- Sign safety contracts and return on Tuesday


Monday, September 8



Hand out textbooks – Textbook Cruise

What is Biology?

Read Strategy-Large Group Activity  1.1


Assignment:  1.1 What is Biology  due Tuesday & Safety Contracts


Tuesday, September 9



Collect Safety Contract

Check 1.1 Assignment

Read 1.2 & 1.3   In Class


Assignment: Complete 1.2  & 1.3 tomorrow


Wednesday, September 10



Introduce experimental design

Identify design variables

Assignment: Experimental Design due tomorrow


Thursday, September 11

Discuss Design Problems

Introduce Pill Bug Lab

Pill bug lab:  -READ and do Pre-Lab Group Questions

          Group member responsibilities

                     -Pill bug trial #1

                     -Second variable


Friday, September 12



Pill bug lab:  - Trial #1 & #2


Monday, September 15



Pill Bug Trial 1 & Trial 2

Compare and discuss student graphs

Introduce null vs. alternative hypothesis and Chi-square values

Tuesday, September 16

Pill Bug Trial #1 & Trial 2

Wednesday, September 17



Introduction to graphing – Bubble gum lab

 Assignment:  graph lab data for pill bug lab (due Thursday)

Discuss conclusion

Review for quiz

Thursday, September 18


Discuss/Modify Pill Bug Graph

Calculate results from student pill bug data

Work through data analyais-chi-square together

Complete Pill bug Post-lab data


Friday, September 19

Fall Fest


Monday, September 20

Complete Pill Bug Post-Lab data due Tuesday, Sept 21st

Homework: Review Sheet & Pill Bug Behavioral Lab

Tuesday, September 21

Pill Bug Lab due


Assignment-Test 1- Experimental Design  Wednesday

Wednesday, September 23

Test 1

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