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Indy Car Crash

Written by Theo Mathias
    Tragedy struck this weekend in the world of motorsports. Dan Wheldon, a 33-year-old Indy car driver died after a horrific crash on Sunday. Wheldon’s car flew through the air and landed in a catch fence during a fifteen car wreck on lap fifteen of the race. After he was extricated from his vehicle, he was immediately airlifted to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was said to have officially died due to “unsurviveable injuries” that he sustained in the crash. Many people were shocked by what happened that day, but others said that they had expected one or two large crashes. It was still unforeseen that there would be a fatality, but it does happen from time to time in the world of racing. When the news was heard, officials called the race, despite it being only fifteen laps in. The drivers also gave Wheldon a five lap tribute to honor him. Every person at the race that day was affected in some way by this unexpected tragedy. Luckily, there were not many other people who were hurt. Two other drivers were sent to the hospital, but are expected to recover quickly. The track itself was also damaged by this catastrophic crash. It was reported that portions of the track needed to be patched due to the sheer violence of the accident. Many drivers and fans reported that this was the worst crash that they had ever seen, and we all hope that nothing like this will happen again. It was a truly sad weekend, but the racing world will eventually move on.

Indy Car Crash - Dan Weldon