Crew Members

  Jack Schardt- Web Master
Grade: Senior
Interests: I like to play golf outside of school, even though i dont play on the team anymore.
Academics: I like any art or multimedia class. I want to study abroad in sweden and then come back and go to a graphic anamation college.
Interesting Fact: Im really interested in art and music.
Dustin Penn-Henry- Web Master
Grade: Junior
Interests: Cross Country, Volleyball, Tech, Athletic Training
Academics: Sports Med, Trig, Cal Poly
Interesting Fact: I love sports, technology, reading, cooking, and relaxing.
Chris Greenwood- Editor, Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Drama, writing, rabble-rouse
Academics: English, I have absolutely no idea.
Interesting Fact: I once trained a dragon... it became a movie.
Caytlin Malone- Editor, Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Writing, Reading, Watching lots and lots movies, Buying Make-Up
Academics: History, English, Creative Writing. I plan on going to Sierra College and Cosmetology School
Interesting Fact: An Interesting fact about me is that I have a really hard time coming up with interesting facts about myself.
Kristine Springfield- Graphics Mgr., Writer
Grade: Sophomore
Interests: Gametime & Competition Cheer, Dance Team
Academics: Computer Classes, Algebra
Interesting Fact: I'm the Head JV cheer captain
Hailey Vetterlein- TV Anchor, Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: The one thing i am really focusing on this year would be my work. All my coworkers are so fun and i always look foward to going into work.
Academics: My favorite class would definitely be multimedia. When i go to college im going to study communications and broadcasting so i can one day be a TV anchor for a news station.
Vanessa Giron- TV Tech Crew, Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Wrestling
Academics: UC Davis Civil Engineering
Interesting Fact: I love to cook (:
Anya Truscott- TV Tech Crew, Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: I am the Youth Services Coordinator at the American Red Cross Placer County office. When I'm not in school I'm typically volunteering for the American Red Cross or other organizations. I am also a member of Gold Country Church and a member of the Youth Group there. But I love to fish.
Academics: I'd like to study Emergency Management/Fire Science and become a firefighter.
Kristen Bocast- Show Packages, Writer
Grade: Junior
Interests: Tennis, Key Club, CSF
Academics: Biology, Spanish, UCLA
Interesting Fact: I went to an elementary school where i wore uniforms for 9 years.
 Tanner Koonce- Tech. Director
Grade: Junior
Interests: Outdoor Adventure Club.
Academics: History, Technology
Interesting Fact: I Love to skateboard
AJ Newby- Video Production, Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Baseball
Academics: Academics arnt very fun.
Interesting Fact: Nothing Im pretty boring
Ricky Johnson- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Horses
Academics: I dont like school.
Interesting Fact: Every Starbucks knows who i am.
Hannah George- Writer
Grade: Semior
Interests: Softball inside and outside of school
Academics: I'm going to University of Delaware
Tucker Feydor- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Outdoor Adventure Club, Track.
Academics: Environmental Science
Interesting Fact: I love hiking and riding my mountain bike.
 Robert Apple- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Basketball, Have fun with friends
Academics: Histpry, Computers, And Criminal Justice and plan on going to Sierra College and majoring in criminal justice
Interesting Fact: Im very modest
Jai Ghotra- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Rugby
Academics: School
Interesting Fact: Brown is Beautiful
Matthew Steelman- Writer
Grade: Junior
Interests: Snowboard Club, Ride BMX, Make videos
Academics: Multimedia
Interesting Fact: I am a big NASCAR fan
JJ Campbell- Writer / Graphics
Grade: Senior
Interests: Basketball, lead AWANA, tutor, cooking, running, swimming, baseball,
Academics: Culinary 1&2, I intend to go to Sierra College then go to a four year college from there depending on what I want to study.
Interesting Fact: I have been out of the country 5 times
 Amanda Burri- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Photography
Academics: University of Nevada, Reno
Interesting Fact: I've seen over 50 bands in concert.
Anthony Clevenger- TV Director
Grade: Sophomore
Interests: Fishing, Shooting
Academics: Welding, Geography
Daniel Grimes- Writer
Grade: Freshman
Interests: I play basketball, volleyball, and football
Academics: My favorite classes are PE, foreign language, math
Interesting Fact: I'm a 6'6 freshman with a great sense of humor!
Kaitlyn Johnson- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Play Piano
Academics: Varies
Interesting Fact: I breath to stay alive
Lacey Lohmeier- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: Tumbling
Academics: ROP sports medicine
Interesting Fact: I have a heart problem
Ryan Huntzinger- Writer
Grade: Senior
Interests: I wrestle
Academics: Finish highschool, go to college
Interesting Fact: I plan to go in the military
Theo Mathias- Writer
Grade: Junior
Interests: Victory Club, play and coach volleyball for D.O., play video games
Academics: I enjoy science classes and i would like to go into the game design industry.
Derek Meaglia- Writer
Grade: Sophomore
Interests: Track, Go to Football games
Academics: Classes with cool teachers
Interesting Fact: I am white
Emily Friesen- Writer
Grade: Sophomore
Interests: I play tennis, run and workout.
Academics: My favorite subject is english, and multimedia. I want to go to UCLA.
Interesting Fact: I did ballet for 12 years.