Supporting a "cloud-based" learning environment.


Thanks for your interest in Placer Union's plan to place a Chromebook in the hands---and backpack---of every diploma-bound student. We hope this webpage addresses your questions. If you don't find an answer, feel free to submit your query to our support email: chromebook at


All diploma-bound students are included. We believe our 1:Web effort makes sense at this time in education: 
  • Academic expectations around writing, reading and effective research ramp up in high school; 
  • Students need to learn the productivity tools of a modern-day workplace to be college and career ready. 
  • More and more, assessments are delivered online, be they classroom-based, state or national. 
1:Web refers to a learning environment where students have "anytime-anywhere" access to web-based resources as well as the digital tools that allow students to create, curate and collaborate. 

Parent Video 

Parents interested in receiving an email each Wednesday with a weekly digest of their child's browsing history can sign up for our 
 pilot. After receiving feedback during this initial trial period through Labor Day, we will consider extending the service for the entire school year. To offer us feedback, please email To sign up, click the link below. Thank you.

Bring Your Own Device?

Due to our limited campus guest Wifi, instructional design around consistency of device, online assessment secure browser requirements, and district network protocols, we do not support personal laptops on campus in lieu of an issued district Chromebook. Here is a copy of our Student Use of Technology Notification that explains the rationale to our use of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education, our suite of productivity tools.

Your Chrome Account...

Visit the Student Resources webpage for all the necessary info on your account. 

Forgotten Password?

If you're locked out of your Chromebook, fill out this online form. You'll hear back from us within a day, if not sooner. If you have specific questions, contact Ms. Zito at 530.886.4440. 

What did I approve?

Every student enrolled in a PUHSD school is presented our Student Use of Technology Notification, which requires student acknowledgment and digital approval via each parent's Portal.

Build your Portfolio...

All students build a portfolio in Tech Essentials. Now it'll be easy to post one's best work from each course---from sophomore year on through to graduation. 

Even a project you've built in shop or crafted in art can be photographed and posted. Animations, research papers, timelines, digital maps---they all can be posted digitally. 

Where's my Textbook? 

We have a growing number of textbooks available online. What we are anticipating is the gradual emergence of open source textbooks that our teachers will review in the coming years. Meantime, we still have traditional classroom textbooks available for in-class use as well as for students to check out for home use.


We believe access to a digital tool---like the cloud-based Chromebook---can enhance learning, improve engagement, and advance students' important technical and organizational skills. The timing of this effort in PUHSD runs parallel to our teachers developing lessons that will demand more student writing, in-depth reading, and relevant research. The Chromebook provides students with a powerful tool to accomplish what's expected of them as they advance their learning.

CTL J5 Convertible Touchscreen
(image courtesy of CTL/PC.World)

While there is no substitute for the powerful educational relationship fostered between teacher and student, providing equitable and guided access to this type of tech tool has the potential to enhance learning and assist students as they journey toward college and career. 

*Students are expected to have their Chromebook charged and ready to go every day. 

*Students will continue to use their Chromebook until graduation.

VIDEO: Tour Chromebook and fire it up.

Privacy of Student Data

Visit our webpage dedicated to privacy of data, and please read our letter to families regarding the security of student information. This is an effort to provide you assurances, state our commitments, as well as be responsive to society's fast-changing technology landscape. Also addressed are the latest California statutes on student data protections. Privacy Letter to Families

Here's a short video on your privacy choices on the Chromebook (or in the Chrome browser). Check it out.

A Parent Question

A question came in from a parent about privacy of student data. Here was our response that we thought worth sharing with our entire parent community: 
"On the Chromebook, users can only log in to a PUHSD Google Apps account ( that's very different from a Gmail ( account. Our web history is turned off for all users, "safe search" policies are enforced while browsing, and students will never see advertisements on our Google Apps services (Drive, Calendar, Blogger, Mail, Sites, Google+). Overall, we believe it's a more safe and secure user experience than a free Gmail account."
Do you have more questions? Email

We've also added a short video on your privacy choices on the Chromebook (or in the Chrome browser). Check it out.

Filtered Access...

While your child will be accessing their Google Apps---Mail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Sites---while engaging in their school work, they will also have access to the web for research and relevant content. 

Our campuses have content-filtered WiFi access so students with Chromebooks can safely access the internet. Student browsing off campus is also filtered, so browsing protection is in place regardless of where they fire up their device.

Internet Safety...

There is a plethora of information online about the power of media and Internet safety. One of our favorites and one that is utilized in our Tech Essentials course is Common Sense Media. This link takes you directly to resources geared for older teens, ages 15 - 17. 

While our high school children are fast approaching young adulthood and may seem to have tech-savviness beyond their years, there are still plenty of teachable moments before they leave the home and venture on their own. Excellent information is readily available that can assist us as parents and educators to help guide our youth toward smarter decisions while online.

No WiFi @ Home?

Don't worry. Chromebooks function quite well "offline" without access to the internet. We will help students set up offline access at your school's fall Chrome Event. 

Resources for Students         

Resources for Parents           

Protection Plan

The school district offers a Chromebook Protection Plan to all students, new and returning. This speeds up repairs and minimizes a family's out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident that causes laptop damage. The cost is $30 annually. See details by clicking the plan link below.

For those who previously purchased a policy through Worth Ave., you are auto-enrolled in our plan. However, if you wish to make a claim with Worth Ave. while you are still covered, we include their forms below. 

Chrome Docs

Please preview the following docs that will be shared in detail at your Chrome event. Each answers questions about responsibility, care, and use of the student Chromebook. If you need clarification or have input on these docs, please email:

Depreciated Chromebook Values 

We've determined the value of the Acer and CTL Chromebooks so that parents know what their financial responsibility would be in the unfortunate event of a total loss without having enrolled in the Chromebook Protection Plan.
  • 1st year of issue (1-12 months): $300
  • 2nd year (13-24 months): $150
  • 3rd year (25-36 months): $75
  • 4th year (37-48 months): $40
If you have questions, call Mick Shatswell at 530.886.4440.

Care of...

This document explains how best to take care of your Chromebook.

Any Warranty?

The 2017-18 Chromebook (CTL J5) is covered for two years from when we take delivery in the summer. Typically, this is August 1. So if there is a product failure, let us evaluate it immediately to determine if it should be returned to the manufacturer. Unless it's clearly been damaged due to an incident, it's worth checking. Bring it to the library and plan on leaving it for a day to be checked. Review the Chromebook Protection Plan for more details.


Placer Union is thrilled to have a partnership with Placer County libraries. Staff from your local branch library---Auburn, Colfax, Foresthill, Loomis---participate in their local high school's Chrome event. Plus, they forgive all prior debts on any existing family library accounts. Pretty generous folks, they are!

In addition to providing a place for wifi access, their commitment is to offer our students unlimited access to their entire collection of e-books, e-magazines and research databases. Each student receiving a Chromebook will be issued a Placer County library card and ID#. Thank you, Placer County libraries! You are truly part of the public good in our community.


For the Class of 2017, your accounts will remain open until May 2018. For graduating classes prior to 2016, your account has been closed but not deleted. If you need to reopen it to access Drive, Gmail or another Google App, email Once you have access again, you'll want to pull the data to a new Gmail account. To export data from multiple apps, use Google Takeout.


We want to address any concerns or questions you have. We're also open to your ideas and input. Email Chromebook Support: