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Join a Placer Union Google+ Community in your subject area or one that fits your interests. These are private communities and require an active Google+ profile. Email Gregg Ramseth with questions.

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"GO" docs

Use these graphic organizers with your students. Once opened, click File => Make a Copy to edit and share. Or they can open and do the same for a response-to-reading assignment. For a visual explanation of how to share from teacher to student and back---all without printing---check out Workflow for Sharing Graphic Organizers.

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Step ahead by adding these apps to your instruction. 

Get your teacher blog started so you can model for the students. Students can start their English 10 blog here. (Videos by Nick Zerwas)

Blogger Videos:

Start your Google+ Profile to collaborate, share and research relevant topics with your class and colleagues.

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Smarter Tools
Here's how to begin a Smarter test session:

SBAC Practice & Training Tests: Check out the new format for the upcoming online assessment that will measure student mastery of the New California State Standards. (10/26 Mtg. Slides & Resource Doc)

One powerful benefit of online, adaptable assessments is their ability to meet a student's unique accessibility needs. These tools are seamlessly embedded in the test experience. Many are controlled by the student, but they need activating by school staff.

So what tools are available and to whom? Check out these videos generously shared by San Diego Office of Education.

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