Sierra College
with PlacerUHSD,  RocklinUSD, RosevilleJUHSD, WesternPlacerUSD & NevadaJUHSD presents:

November 6, 2015
9 am to 2 pm

You are invited to visit Sierra College, 
explore interesting majors, 
use your creativity on a take-home project, 
and discover rewarding careers at the 
Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) Event.

Check out your future here:

Print a flyer to share: 

...a NEW t-shirt, lunch, a hands-on project, transportation and the chance to meet mentors. Come individually or with a group from your school. To sign up, click one of the Sierra College project links to the right or visit this web-doc: up by Wednesday, October 28. Questions? Contact Valaine Hoffman at or 530.305.6700.

Pick a Project!


Welding - filled


Photography - filled


Technical Theater - filled

Applied Art & Design - filled

Art for Video Gaming

Drafting & Engineering Support

If you have questions, call Valaine Hoffman at 530.305.6700 or

If you're helping out on the day, click the CTE Ambassador link above and add your name to the NEW Team. Thanks for being a part of our NEW Event at Sierra College.