Our Board of Trustees

Maureen Ward, Kathleen Geary, Lynn MacDonald, Charles Wallgren, & Ron Oates 

The Placer Union High School District is: 
committed to student learning by providing 
teaching excellence in a supportive environment

 PUHSD Board Goals for 2013/14

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  Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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meeting agendas and minutes of our Board of Trustees.

Board Members

Mrs. Kathleen Geary (Term Expires 2016)


Mrs. Lynn MacDonaldPresident (Term Expires 2016)


Mr. Ron Oates  (Term Expires 2014)


Mr. Charles "Chick" Wallgren, (Term Expires 2014)


Ms. Maureen "Mo" Ward, Clerk (Term Expires 2014)


George S. Sziraki, Jr., Ed.D., Superintendent

Superintendent & Board Member Contact: Lisa Burlison
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & the Board
530.886.4405 or lburlison@puhsd.k12.ca.us

District Calendars

Agendas & Minutes

Board Policies

The Board of Trustees establishes the structure and direction of the Placer Union High School District through its adopted policies. 

BP 1312.3 UCP/Revised March 5, 2013

Click here to access our Board Policies. They are maintained by the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Governance and Management Using Technology (GAMUT) policy portal.


Please contact Lisa Burlison, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, with any questions you may have regarding meetings of the PUHSD Board of Trustees at (530) 886-4405 or lburlison@puhsd.k12.ca.us

Agendas (prior to January 1, 2013):

Meeting Schedule (pdf)

Governance Calendar (pdf) (2013/14 Calendar being developed)

Roles of the Board

 As the official governing body of the District, the Board:

Is a trustee for students
Hears the views of the public
Sets District policies and goals
Decides how to prioritize and spend District funds
Maintains relationships with other school boards and related organizations
Oversees employee relations and approves contracts
Establishes curriculum and standards

The Superintendent of the District serves as the chief executive officer, manages district staff, and ensures that Board policies are carried out. 

Responsibilities of the Board

As the policy making body for the Placer Union High School District, the Board of Trustees is charged with providing a quality public education program for the residents of the Placer Union High School District in accordance with the California Constitution, State Education Code, other state and federal laws, adopted Board policies, and hears the desires expressed by the community.

As elected officials, Board members are state officers responsible for the governance of the school district, which is considered a subdivision of the state. 

Beyond the establishment of school district policies, the Board is responsible for adoption of the annual budget and approval of all expenditures; employment of personnel; approval of curriculum, textbooks and courses of study; and decision making relative to the purchase, planning and construction of all school district property.

Board members have no power to act individually in the name of the entire Board. Action can only be taken when a majority of the Board is in formal session.

Calendar includes board meetings and other PUHSD events.
Please refer to the "Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule" above for
 a list of current meeting dates, times and locations.  

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