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Grading Policy

Placer High School P.E. Grading Policy


Students have the chance to earn 10 total points each day.   The points will cover the following areas:

Cardiovascular Activities



Skills / Knowledge                                           

90%-100%=A  80%-89%=B  70%-79%=C  60%-69%=D  0%-59%=F

Make-ups: Make-ups are offered the week before each grading period ends.  Set times and days will be posted.  Students may make up cardiovascular activities, participation, or uniform non-suites by running a timed mile.  This allows students who have been sick or injured the opportunity to improve their grade. 

Cardiovascular: Students will complete a cardiovascular activity daily.  Reasonable time limits will be given to complete the activity and points will be earned for meeting that requirement.                                              

Participation: Students are expected to be fully involved in the class each day.  Participation includes but is not limited to: attendance, warm-ups, cardio, dressing, and daily activity

Uniform:  Students dress every day in their physical education clothing and athletic shoes (no boots, flip flops, sandals or street shoes).  You are not allowed to decorate, cut, or tear your P.E. clothes.  Wearing your street clothes under your PE clothes in not considered dressing down.  Sweatpants should be grey or green or black (no spandex).   You may wear a sweatshirt of your choice over your uniform but it must be school appropriate.  Loaner shorts and shirts are available when clothes are forgotten. 

Skills/Knowledge: Students will be given various activity-based and written tests throughout the term.  Any student who does not participate in an activity will not be eligible to take the skills/knowledge test for that unit.  This portion of your grade also includes how you behave around your classmates and teachers, following directions, and taking care of the equipment and facilities so they are available for future classes

All students will be provided with a locker.  Students are responsible for their own belongings.  Valuables should be kept in your lockers during class time – this includes money, phones, music devices etc.  Use of electronic devises when not allowed will result in point deduction.

Please no food or drink in the gym.  If you forget this please clean up after yourself

Medical Accommodations: See Assistant Principal Mrs. Barry

All physical education classes do not tolerate bullying.  Please report any bullying to a teacher.