Clearing Absences

  • Verification of absences is to be made by telephone or notefrom the parent/guardian indicating the date and reason for the absence.

  • Telephone calls should be made the same day as the absence
  • Failure to clear an absence by a telephone call or a note within three days will result in a Cut being issued and possible further disciplinary actions.

  • False verification to clear an absence on behalf of a student, either in writing or by phone, will result in disciplinary action. The absence may also be viewed as truancy.

  • Parents are allowed to excuse ten days of absences without verification from medical professionals and school employees. Ten days has been selected for the number of accepted excused absences because multiple agencies have deemed this to be twice the statewide average for typical childhood illnesses. This number has been found to be reasonable and has been challenged and found to be an acceptable number. If your child is under medical care it is best to provide the verification of illness before it is required. If your child has a chronic medical condition, you may request a Chronic Illness Verification Form from the attendance office at Placer High School. Once the form is completed and on file, the parent may then excuse absences for symptoms related to the diagnosed illness.

  • Early Sign Out Slip

    Permission to leave campus must be communicated by written note, fax, phone call, or a personal appearance by the parent/guardian prior to the school authorizing the student to leave campus.

    Parent’s responsibility: Write a note containing

    • Student’s first and last name

    • Date, time and reason the student is leaving

    • Your signature and daytime phone number

    • Student’s responsibility:

    Students can not leave campus without checking out in the office. Bring note to the attendance office before school, during passing periods, or at lunch to receive a sign out slip. Show the sign out slip to the teacher at the beginning of class and watch the clock to leave on time  Agree with parent/guardian on a place to be picked up. Upon a student’s return to campus he or she is to check back in at the office.


    For more info on attendance procedures, refer to student handbook.