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Honors Chemistry Seminar

Mr. Bill Kurnett will be teaching the Honors Chemistry Seminar in Room 405 this term.   Mr. Kurnett will be filming weekly lessons and posting them online for students to view.  This gives students more flexibility this term. 
Go to Bill Kurnett's web page through the Del Oro home page.  Under his page click on the Honors Chemistry seminar and a link will pop up.  Cut and paste web address to open link.  The video will include a 20 to 30 minute video lesson with assigned reading and problems.  A new video will be posted each Monday.  The students need to complete the assignment before attending the question and demonstration session on Fridays. The students will  go to room 405 either at 7:30 am. or 3 p.m every Friday for the questions and demonstrations session.  At the end of the term students must pass a test with a 70% or better.  Then the grade they receive from me becomes Honors credit.