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Unit 2

2/8: New Seats/ PE = q lab and heat energy calculations/ HW:  Calculate PE and q, Write step 3 & 4 of Discussion
2/9: (Substitute)  Read pages 320-333 in Chemistry book & take 2 pages of notes/ Energy Worksheet/ HW:  Finish Energy Worksheet
2/10: Pass back tests & Progress Reports/Temp in F vs. Temp in C lab/ HW:  Finish Energy Worksheet #6-8
2/13: Collect Progress reports/ Review Energy Worksheet/ Cp metal Lab demo/ HW: Redo #6 energy sheet & calculate Cp of metal from demo.
2/14: Collect Cp of metal from demo work/Conceptual Gas pressure lecture with demos/Energy HW #7 solving for Temperature final/ HW: Energy Hw #3: 4,8
2/15: Pressure vs. Temperature Lab/Graph Data and discuss, solve for Temperature when Pressure = 0 kPa & collect/Rev. HW/ HW:  Energy HW #3: 2,3
2/16: Practice heat energy problems on board/ Pressure vs. volume Lab -/HW: graph points & stop
2/17:Discuss Pressure vs. Temp Graph and Absolute Zero in 0 K. Manipulate graph/Discuss shape of line from Pressure vs. volume lab & manipulate graph/
Derivation of the Combined gas law Video:     /HW: unit 2 practice sheet
Heat Energy Board Problem:""
Rounding Rules for Sig. Figs: ""
Heat Energy #3: Problem 3 and 8 (Solving for Delta Temp. and Temp Final): ""
2/27: Collect Pressure vs. Volume Labs/Combined Gas Law Problems/Review HW/Temperature Conversions/HW: Gas Pressure HW: 1,2,4
2/28: Isolate Variable Quiz/Beandle Activity/ Mole and Molecular Mass/Rev. HW/HW: Watch Video on The Mole: ""   &      Gas Pressure HW #5.
2/29: Molecular Mass/Prep. Pressure vs. Moles Lab/What is STP?/HW: Gas Pressure #3
3/1: Pressure vs. Moles Lab/HW:  Go to my you tube channel: aluci1967 and view my playlist video on VSEPR, Polarity and Intermolecular Forces
 3/2: VSEPR Chart with examples/Polarity Demo/Intermolecular force demo//HW:Do two molecules on the VSEPR chart.
3/5:(Substitute) Reading with questions/Finish Pressure vs. Moles of gas lab and turn in/Read Distillation Lab/HW:Gas Laws HW: 2,4,6,8,10
3/6: Distillation Lab/ Read pages: 492-497 & take notes/ HW: Lab Sample Calculations and Discussion
3/7: Collect Labs/Demo Phase change energy (ice & water), acetone evaporation/Phase change Math/HW: unit 2 practice test   CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL @ aluci1967:  Video on phase change energy (no sound, but good visuals.)
3/8: Review Homework/Questions/study time  VSEPR Chart : ""
 Phase Change Energy Practice Problem:"" HW: Gas Laws HW: 1,3,5,7,9,11  &  Phase change practice & Finish VSEPR chart & review notes
 3/9: Unit 2 Test
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