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Design and build a crane to pick up & lift a small concrete bucket into a plastic bin. The concrete bucket will be on the outside of the plastic bin (away from the crane base). The plastic bin is 3 ½” x 3 ½” x 4” tall.

    wood base

    3’ 3” of ½” PVC pipe

    2 LEGO motors & controllers

     Pulleys, nuts & bolts, string, metal wire, LEGO’s to build a gearbox. (no limits on these, within reason)

    1: The entire crane MUST FIT inside a locker 19” deep, 12” wide, 13” tall

    2: You must have a working gearbox.

    3: Each motor must be geared for a 25:1 torque Advantage. See picture at bottom of page.

    4: Must be able to pick up the bucket (from outside the Plastic bin) and lift it into the plastic bin.

    5: You cannot use any glue on the LEGOs.
Grading:    Group   
    Build a crane (+ fits in locker)                             10

    Crane (+ fits in locker) lifts up/down                  10

    Crane (+ fits in locker) moves in/out                   10

    Gearbox (each motor 25:1 advantage)                 30

    Crane Picks up bucket & puts it into bin              30

    Crane Looks and runs professionally                   30


    Total                                                                  120


    PENALTIES (each occurrence)

    Throwing LEGOs                                                 -60

    You glue LEGOS (+ you have to replace them)     -60

    You are not helping your team (you are somewhere else, doing something else). -60

    You do not earn points if you are not here
    For example, you are absent one day, but here 3 days. You will get 3/4 (75%) of the grade earned by the team
     EXTRA CREDIT (NOT a group project. Do your own)
    Sketchup design (matches crane)                      Up to 40 points

    Your name MUST be on EVERY imported part for checkoff

    (each person must do above step separately)

    There is a SketchUp file attacthed at the bottom of this page with most of the LEGO pieces you will need






Thomas Stargaard,
Jul 17, 2012, 10:48 AM